Smooth + Confidence Series, Ghana Edition: Stacey

To Be Careful + Carefree:
Stacey Enyame

                                             All Photos taken by  Naafia Naahemaa

                                             All Photos taken by Naafia Naahemaa

The Smooth + Confidence series is our platform to highlight the skin, voices + stories of black women, from the Chicago, Illinois, to Accra, Ghana, through interviews + photography. It's important for our words and narratives to be captured with our pictures, for us, by us.

I'm so happy to introduce you all to Stacy Enyame, the founder of Snacks of Africa! We met this winter through our mutual friend Dedo, who you'll remember from our last Journal entry. Stacey and I kicked it at Tea Baa and bonded over our similarities + the fact that we both built a company on a product we needed but couldn't find. Rooted in Ghana, Soa is inspired by snacks across the continent to share with the world. The goodies are not only tasty + healthy, they're also dairy-, gluten- and GMO-free. Find them at the Snacks of Africa online shop or, if you're in New York, at Whole Foods in Harlem (more stockists coming soon!). And, of course, follow Stacey at @SnacksofAfrica!


Abena BoamahTell us about yourself! Whether it's what you do, your passions, your drives, your faves, your feats—who are you?

Hi! I’m Stacey Enyame and I am the founder of @SnacksofAfrica. I am a lover of food and business—a dreamer and a doer. I am a Ghanaian who grew up in the Bronx and I still have so much love for the city that raised me. I feel blessed to be able to merge my worlds in order to build the life I want. The life that I envision for myself is what drives me to keep going + keep doing.

Abena Boamah: So how do you start and/or end your day? Are you a morning person or a night person? What rituals + routines do you do to prepare?

Stacey Enyame: I am a morning person, so I am usually up before 5am. I normally sit still for a few minutes to clear my mind, then express what I am grateful for. While in the shower, I run myself through my to-do list for the day, and on my way to work I listen to a few of my favorite songs to get myself pumped and in the zone.

Abena Boamah: Do you connect with the idea that you can be carefree + careful at the same time? How do you embody the notion of being a carefree black woman in your everyday life?

Stacey Enyame: Gosh, this question can be interpreted in so many ways. I am carefree in that I boldly move towards what I want without worrying too much about the outcome. However, in doing so, I would like to be more careful and more calculated in the risks that I take. That is something that I am trying to do more of this year. As far as being a black woman, I try to spend less time on the external views of people towards women like me and more time managing my own thoughts and my view of myself.


Abena BoamahWhat self-care and self-love practices do you currently engage in that relate directly to being carefree/careful or make you feel smooth + confident?

Stacey Enyame: Words are important for me. So my practice includes a lot of self-talk. I remind myself of what I am capable of, I remind myself not to sweat the small stuff and I remind myself that I am a BAWSE so that I act accordingly. I am also a foodie so I also like to indulge in delicious eats to happy myself. Interestingly enough, I find that in those moments of indulgence, I feel more present and grateful for those little pleasures.

Abena Boamah"Smooth + Confident" became a tagline for Hanahana Beauty over a phone call with my friend Kenya and has now become my everyday mantra.What does the phrase smooth + confident mean to you?

Stacey Enyame: To me, smooth + confident means being in your flow. It’s a work in progress, but over time you begin to understand what you are here to do and stand firmly in that. You move effortlessly towards your destination—smoothly and confidently.

Abena Boamah: What is your personal golden rule? Do you have a mantra, a quote, a lyric, a philosophy, or any words that you live by or want to incorporate in your life?


Stacey Enyame: My new mantra is simple: “This flesh ain’t forever.” It’s a reminder that I am here for a limited time only. I want to spend my valuable time moving towards my purpose while also taking in all that the earth has to offer along the journey (i.e., great experiences, great relationships, etc.). Anything else is a waste of my time.

Abena BoamahName one thing that you want more of in 2018 and one thing you want less of in terms of personal growth.

Stacey Enyame: More focus, less distraction.

Abena Boamah: Lastly, tell us which Hanahana Beauty product is your favorite!

Stacey Enyame: I absolutely love the shea body butter. I love the lemongrass scent and how smooth it makes my skin feel. Also, the facial scrub literally melts into my skin and gives me that glow, baby! You have something special with those two.

Thank you, Stacey, for indulging us and taking us through your daily flow + personal practices, showing us your vision, and sending us healthy snacks from the motherland!


Stay Smooth + Confident

- Abena Boamah