Conversations Series: Ghana Boys—Nana, Gerrit + Josh

Ghana Boys—
Nana Boamah-Acheampong,
Gerrit Amankwah
Joshua Kissi

All photos taken by  Kofi Dua

All photos taken by Kofi Dua

Hanahana Beauty added a new series of entries to our Journal lineup! To go along with our Conversations talks, this platform will share candid conversations with black creative + entrepreneur women + men across the diaspora, along with a mix of photography, audio + video for an interactive multimedia experience, for us, by us.

For Hanahana Beauty, as black women especially, we feel it’s important to also uplift black men doing unapologetic, authentic + uplifting things for themselves and other people. We re-created Abena's original VSCO photo-story “Ghana Boys,” in which she asked young Ghanaian boys what they wanted to do in life + took photos of them on a basketball court. This shoot was a grown-up version of the universal young black boy, based on photos taken of New York City courts in the ’90s—a full concept of being black in a space where men have been able to exist in a state of vulnerability. Our editor, Adwoa, had one-on-one conversations with co-founder of Ghana to the World Gerrit Amankwahfounder of TONL and photographer Joshua Kissi + singer/songwriter Nana Boamah-Acheampong (ay, fam!) about how amazing they are, what it means to be carefree + careful and to practice self-care as a creative black/Ghanaian man, their exploration of artistic processes, and, of course, which Hanahana Beauty product makes them feel most smooth + confident.

Huge thanks to Fat Tiger for providing the dope wardrobe—we're actually posting these Conversations to celebrate We All We Got's new Stronger Together '18 collection, so check that out + Abena's earlier Conversation with co-founder Des Owusu if you haven't already—and to our amazing photographer, Kofi Dua (who we also had an incredible chat with, so look out for his Conversation coming later).

The guys had a lot to say, so we left everything as audioscroll down + listen up!


We can't thank you guys enough for being so open + honest with us. This Conversation was incredible—enough said.

Stay Smooth + Confident

- Abena Boamah