A Note from Our Founder

A Note from Our Founder

Hey Beauties,

Abena here, writing from from Accra, Ghana!

Hope you are all enjoying time with your families and loved ones!

Given our growth as a company this past year, I made the decision to move to Ghana so I could be on the ground and work on expanding the sourcing of all of our ingredients from Ghana and other countries across the continent!


We are so excited to start producing products and sourcing more of our ingredients from Ghana. With that said, this past summer we also started paying double the fair-trade price  for all of our shea butter from the cooperatives we source from. This past month we (myself + Jessica Sarkodie) visited the Katariga + Grunapaga Groups, doing interviews with the women and also trying new ingredients. Next month I will be heading to Tumu to formally meet the Sissla Women’s Group.


In the past year Hanahana Beauty has expanded our sourcing to three cooperatives. As you know, we started with the Katariga Women’s Group, and now we are working with the Sissla Women’s Group in Tumu and most recently the Grupaga Women’s Group. With each visit to the cooperatives, we gain better insight on how we can create access + more sustainable ways of growing as a company from all ends.


By following our mission to disrupt the beauty industry + create sustainability, transparency + accessibility, we are starting to build the “Hanahana Circle.” The Hanahana Circle is more than just a direct-trade partnership with the cooperatives we work with, but an agreement that entitles the women to healthcare benefits, training, machinery, and more. After our past conversations with the Grupaga + Katargia Women’s Groups, we have decided to make sure that we will help raise funds to provide a kneading machine for each cooperative that is a part of the Hanahana Circle.


A Couple Facts: Currently it takes an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour for the women to physically knead around 50 kilos of shea butter. The kneading machine not only eliminates the physical labor but also doubles the amount of shea produced in 30 minutes. We’ve been working with farmers and different tech companies in Ghana who make these machines, and the average price of a kneading machine is 19,000 GHS which is around $4,000 USD. So for this Giving Tuesday, we started a GoFundMe to raise money to provide a kneading machine for each cooperative that we work with.


Support the black women behind the production of shea butter by donating + spreading the word.

We appreciate everything + anything you can give. Thank you!